PANOPTICON DEATH "The Final Prophecy"

From hard to live climate of The Ural Mountains, here comes a Russian trio with their second album. The Final Prophecy is very decent death metal, nonetheless. It is barely surprising record but also very average sounding. In plus, their old school death metal delivers sharp death-thrash metal riffs and dark lyrics. I would place it somewhere between demo tapes of Hate and Deicide albums after their Once Upon The Cross era. Good example is a song Fatal Crucifixion but you can likely find more those influences in other tracks as well. Vocalist is tearing his throat with ruthless growls, music hardly shows any compassion to your ears and even if the songs are obviously brutal, they prefer to push themselves more into heaviness than to all the time speed and chaos. They have good intensity on guitars, few vicious rhythms and solos but this album is more focused on creative, good compositions rather than on a murderous tempos. Of course, the songs are extreme and can go ferocious but the most bloodthirsty elements in their death metal are vocals, just so grinding and cruel. I think that drums are tuned quite interesting and you just pay attention to ordinary tracks of the drummer, more than on other death metal albums because of how it sounds. The band came up with very good idea to cover Hammer Smashed Face of Cannibal Corpse and it is one of the highlights of the album. Also the songs like Your Last Execution, Black Sun Rising, Fading Of The Bloody Moon should keep you awaken.

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