MALEFIC BY DESIGN "Definitive Indication Of Supremacy"

Malefic By Design is a Finnish blackened death metal group formed in 2015 and comprises of heavily seasoned long term metal musicians. The members of Malefic By Design have released several previous efforts through multiple bands as Searing Meadow, Ablaze In Hatred, Fall of the Leafe, Mormânt De Snagov and Devastracktor. The debut album of the band has been recorded in quiet solitude and far away from the public eye. Malefic By Design stirs its death metal guttural bile with murk black metal nuances and makes a blood bond with catchy choruses and incendiary melodies. The death metal approach of the group differs itself undisputedly from the mainstream and keeps the listener hanging on the edge of their seat. Throughout Definitive Indication of Supremacy the listener is constantly shuffled back and forth amongst such diverse elements as: ethereal, haunting melodic vocal; ripping and distorted Black Metal guitar riffing driven by oddly muffled, blasting drumming and grim, raw Black Metal pandemonium.The sound is most certainly blackened death, but each song is unique and easy to differentiate from one another.Definitive Indication of Supremacy is a good example of how to write extreme metal. It is a relentless as you would come to expect, but not mindlessly so, this is relatively accessible extreme metal, the production is thunderous, the guitars and vocals are all extremely clear. All 12 tracks feature stunning musicianship, original soundscapes, and captivating melodies, cycling through countless unpredictable transitions and layered upon a tireless rhythmic commotion.Definitive Indication of Supremacy treats the listener to a wealth of melodic intrigue at a blistering pace. Song after song confronts the listener with a rapid succession of catchy riffs, sometimes building off one another, sometimes revealing a completely new invention and carrying the song in an unforeseen direction. Scream/growl vocals done by three of the band members really suit lyrics, with a strong theme of anti-religion running through them, and guitar playing took a quantum leap ahead in terms of quality and ability.Riffs are strong and solid, cleanly played, and catchy in that they are well-structured and carefully arranged. Of course, this is death/black metal, so you can not expect pop melodies; these songs are catchy because you can discern the riffs and hear what is going on perfectly.Tremolo picked guitar lines supply gripping melodic themes by stepping through progressions that are much more complicated than you typically find in black metal.This album possesses many classic moments, the second track Sickness of Christ being one of the finest. It is certainly a very consistent album, each track delivers in its own way. Though each track is as to be expected of a consistent intensity, each track has its own appeal and unique way of working. What we have here is a fantastic slab of black/death metal. It is all here, with maybe a few minor flaws here and there, but altogether an album that would be fantastic with which to introduce someone to the black/death fusion genre itself, as it showcases quite an effective fusion of death metal brutality and black metal atmosphere. This is certainly not a boring album. You never get the same thing in two different songs. Unlike most death metal, you can easily distinguish where one song stops and another one begins, and you can easily tell them apart. If you are a fan of hook laden, and brutal yet intelligent Black/Death Metal, buy this album upon your next outing. If you are not a fan of that stuff What the fuck are you doing on this site to begin with?!

MALEFIC BY DESIGN "Definitive Indication Of Supremacy"

Malefic By Design is a five piece Death Metal combo consisting of veterans of the Finnish Metal scene. From what I understood each of the guys is also member of at least one other band (like Ablaze in Hatred or Searing Meadow) so you can expect a lot of experience that has gone into creating Definitive Indication of Supremacy. To be honest I never heard of any of the mentioned bands but I can imagine that some of those are playing Black Metal as a lot elements of this style has been incorporated in the basis DM sound. The main sound of the record is pretty traditional DM with raw and heavy riffing switching between fast and furious parts and more groovy sections with even some Doom elements here and there. The BM influence comes in form of haunting melodies that are creating a lot of atmosphere, blast-beat attacks and high-pitches screaming mixed into the otherwise classic DM growling. While there is one main singer two of the guitarists are also delivering vocal parts making the whole affair pretty diversified. I prefer the parts with the classic DM growling but this is a matter of taste. Speaking of the guitarists based on the information available it seems there are 3 at work here. While I am not able to really identify if this is true or not the riffing and the lead work is really outstanding. There is so much going on with the hard hitting main riffs being surrounded by melodic and sometimes dreamy and melancholic lead melodies. You need to give credit to MBD that they manage to keep the songs stringent and the song-writing in the main focus and not just drifting around in higher spheres. This is not some ambient stuff but just highly atmospheric but still hard-hitting Metal music. Compared to the guitar work the drums feel a bit unspectacular but looking at the whole picture this has been a wise decision. The drumming is always on point building the stoic backbone of the sound and giving the melodies the room they need. Like mentioned there are outbursts of speed allowing the drummer to let go as well before stepping back again. Overall the captivating melodies and the moody soundscapes make this record a pretty accessible one. Of course we are talking about a (blackened) DM record so the attribute accessible has to be seen in this context. The songwriting is very professional and each song can easily be differentiated from the others. There are a lot transitions within most of the tracks but thankfully the music never feels overly chaotic. The production is also pretty great finding a good way to capture the soundscapes and melodic parts as well as giving the riffs and the rhythm sections enough punch. Nothing is buried in the mix and also the vocals can all be clearly understood. I am impressed how much atmosphere MBD have managed to create without using a keyboard. Overall this is quite a promising record and it will be interesting to see in which direction the guys are going to move in the future.

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