WITCHES SABBATH "Witches Sabbath"

Spanish duo Eduardo Salazar: guitars & drums and Luis Henríquez: bass & vocals are making their music as it was regular band with full line-up. At least, they sound mature on this album. 10 songs show them as pretty good musicians and they can write so ferocious and vengeance sounding black metal quite easy. The album is influenced by bands like Dark Funeral, Marduk, Besatt, except they blend more melodic riffs into the music. Most songs have extremely fast, war drum blasts, harsh and raw sounding guitars. The other importance to the music is their escapism into more monumental style of writing so it is not just mix of mayhemic aggression but also catchy motifs which are strong part of the album. Vocals sound almost like black metal but voice expressions are clearer. You can actually understand what the vocalist sings which saves your time reading lyrics. They have sort of magnetism to the music I like. I completely lost the sense of time to it which says, there is indeed, a lot of valuable music going on the CD. Production to the album is very good and music even better so for me it is like... Time well spend with black metal album.

WITCHES SABBATH "Witches Sabbath"

Some really cool and killer Spanish Black Metal (heavily Thrash Metal flavored) here up next... Witches Sabbath is the name of this horde, and this self-titled album is their third studio release since they formed back in 1997. Musically, Witches Sabbath clearly seem to know what kind of sound they are after on this very punishing, murderous, unforgiving and all-holy-icons crushing disc, not apologizing to anyone, but hammering giant nails through your trembling, weak limbs mercilessly, making you weep and suffer to death on your miserable crosses. Drummer Ruymán Alemán must also be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; his skin bombardment is simply ferocious and meant to make you deaf for the rest of your life. They employ well all the elements Black and Thrash Metal have to offer without forgetting some irresistible melodies. This album is definitely directed at the fans of such infamous hordes of Hell as Impaled Nazarene, Dark Funeral, Marduk and Funeral Age. Recommended.

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