HORRID "Evils Birth"

Here it is, so long waited album for Horrids fans (Milan, Italy), and first of all for the same musicians! What do we have? Painted some face on a cover and that is all from pictures. And in the beggining you can not say something about bands music style(if you don not know ofcourse). Songs divided on three groups: first - 4 songs from "Blasphemic Creatures" MCD (1998), second - 5 songs and outro from "You Are Mine" Demotape (1994), and the last - 4 songs from "Live In Turin Italy" (1996). Each group is a part of full lenght album, and without one, band could released whole three! Okey, talk about material... Album without intro, but something same you can hear on a first song "Misunderstood God", which started with dogs barking, with bells ring and thunders uproar... It is a best albums part (by it is quality and content). Second part begins very interesting also. Some unknown person trying to understand someone, that this someone his own?!. And after this goes black metal! By the way, at the end of a second part there is outro, pleasant and calmn completion of this act under sounds of surf... Third part its concert part and its first song very power("Obscurity"), guys decided to show, that they came not to play in a sand. It was pleasure for to hear some solo riffs (what I can not say about album St. Anger (Metallica)). You can discern parts by it is quality, they all in black metal style (sometimes with death moment) with cool vocal (growling) and there are no keys.

HORRID "Rising From The Hidden Spheres"

Oh man, do we have some early 90s Swedish Death Metal here. At least it sounds like it. Even this acts Facebook page clearly references the times of ancient Death Metal. Am I thrilled now? Well, yes and no. There is no right answer to this because there is one part in me that absolutely loves this old-school, ridiculously down-tuned Swedish Death Metal style but another part wants me to move on without looking back in time. This Italian Death Metal hordes second album, Rising from the Hidden Spheres, was released on Spains Xtreem Music in 2006 though it was originally supposed to be released by More Hate Productions. After nine long years it has finally landed where it was supposed to start. Listening to Horrid, it is safe to assume these Italians have listened intently to Death Metal troops like Nihilist, Carnage, Dismember, Gorement, Nirvana 2002 and such, and fallen in love with their sound. Unfortunately, something is missing and Horrid simply has not captured the same magic that can be heard on releases like Dark Recollections, Left Hand Path, Like an Ever Flowing Stream, The Ending Quest and so on. They make a good attempt but the results are so-so. Rising from the Hidden Spheres will not give you an eargasm unless you happen to be a die-hard fan of early 90s Swedish Death Metal and little else.

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