ECLIPSE "Triumph of the Pain"

There are a ton of metal bands that have used or are still using the name Eclipse. The one that is the subject of this review is based out of Ukraine and has actually been around since 1995. However, like quite a few groups Eclipse didnt put out their first full length album until 2009. They followed it up last year with a sophomore effort Triumph of the Pain, which is a heavy hitting death metal album that is reminiscent of groups such as Cannibal Corpse. It certainly feels familiar, but the instrumentalists do the sound justice and as a result its worth giving a listen if youre a fan of this type of slamming, gut wrenching death metal. Eclipse hits listeners hard, and right from the start they burst out of the gate with fast paced drum beats and guitar riffs that twist and turn to form grooves that land right in your chest. Its a familiar sound that fits the 90s death metal mold, but the instrumentalists are able to do it justice and offer more than just constant blasting during the 33 minute running time of Triumph of the Pain. In particular, when the guitars and drums slow down a bit and go for some slower grooves they are able to break things up and leave a memorable impression. The production values are worth mentioning, as the sound on this album is surprisingly balanced and as a result the bass and guitar riffs arent buried underneath a wall of drum blasts. Triumph of the Pain may be a fairly short album, but this isnt necessarily a bad thing as the group is able to provide enough variation to keep the songs feeling different from one another and doesnt drag their ideas out to the point of repetition. Lead singer Volodymyr Deyev has an extremely low, guttural growl that is perfectly suited to Eclipses brand of death metal. For the majority of the album Deyev stays at this pitch and consistently brings an intense performance to the table. There are some backing higher pitched shrieks that make an appearance on several of the songs, and as they show up alongside the growls it seems likely that they are done by another member of the band. The two vocal styles work well together, and this is one area where the group could expand further as the interplay between the two keeps the arrangements feeling energized and varied. Listeners that like their death metal closer to the brutal variety will find a lot to like about Triumph of the Pain. The instrumentalists are able to offer blasting mixed with some slower sections to add just enough variation, and the vocal arrangements bludgeon the listener with constant aggression. It may have taken the band over a decade to start putting out full length albums, but it is clear from this release that they have the experience and songwriting ability to make a dent in this crowded genre.

ECLIPSE "Divine"

Just realized I haven`t been into brutal music for a short-while and I`ve just loved decency of this album right after I heard it. It`s random thing that second time this week the object of the review is a band from Ukraine. But holy molly, they can squeeze guts out of your body and you should not complain to quality and musical cruelty they bring to this album. This is ordinary stuff like Cicatrix, Deeds Of Flesh and I could compare it to so many other bands but it is not a point. This album is entertaining, brutal as hell and technical. Even if it`s nothing really new, they are creative and develop certain character of the songs, to slam your head as violently closed doors could do. A vocalist does what necessary with a depth of his voice and growls in classic way along with some scream-guttural vocals manner. Two vocal styles co-work very well. Songs are divided to 10 chapters and you can find full track-list below because it`s so easy to enjoy every song they put here. Some titles should give you an idea what lyrics are about: I. War In Heaven, II. Satan Wake Up In Hell, III. Pandemonium, IV. The Gate, V. Human Need Redemption, VI. Penetrate to Paradise, VII. Angels Guard Her Sleep, VIII. Eve, IX. Fear Devoured Me, X. Banished. Some biblical graphics or paintings cut offs adorn the whole layout of the CD similar to those ones on front cover but notice; music wise it rather has nothing to do with blackened death metal but brutal death/grind only. It`s super cool album with wise compositions and very clever, controlled song structures. I am going to play it over and over again without hesitation. I recommend Eclipse for all fans of merciless, brutal music.

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