EXEGUTOR "Embassy of Hell"

Exegutor are a band from Belarus that plays a brutal mixture of death metal, grindcore and crust and this is a review of their 2015 cassette Embassy of Hell which was released by Narcoleptica Productions. A very raw, fast and brutal grindcore sounds starts off the album along with a decent amount of blast beats and a few seconds later crust style growls start becoming a huge part of the recording and you can also hear the morbid sounding melodies of death metal in the guitar riffing at times and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them. At times the vocals can be very guttural along with some deathcore elements and high pitched screams which have somewhat of a black metal feeling to them and some of the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts along with a few bass guitar leads and as the album progresses a small amount of guitar leads can be heard in certain sections of the recording while a later track has semi melodic vocals and they also do a cover of Venoms and Mayhems Black Metal and Deathcrush in a medley while the main focus remains on a brutal style of crust/grind. Exegutor plays a brutal style of crust/grind that mixes in a great amount of death metal influences and a touch of black metal and hardcore to create a sound of their own, the production sounds very powerful while the lyrics cover violent and humorous themes along with the song s being written in a mixture of English and there native tongue. In my opinion Exegutor are a very great sounding fast and brutal mixture of death metal, grindcore and crust and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE Smoke Of The Water Buy Made In Belarus Karahod and Pyro Is Not A Crime. 8 out of 10.

EXEGUTOR "Embassy of Hell"

Well-made Grindcore always puts a smile on my face and cheers me up. Sounds pretty brutal, does not it? Exegutor, from the Belarusian soil, was formed in 2009 and trust the power of grinding noise, as the bands latest 13-song release, Embassy of Hell (released by Sathanas Records and More Hate Productions), proves loud and hard.. Exegutor trust firmly in the power of old school Grindgore, à la Terrorizer, Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, without sounding directly like any of them. The bands engine for churning out a pleasant sounding, pure Grindcore is in good shape; they come over our villages and cities like a good-sized tornado, causing havoc all around wherever they hit and that is always a sign a job well done. Exegutors occasional Crust and Death Metal elements spice all of the thirteen tracks on the record nicely, providing some real rebellious Punk attitude and sheer heaviness for their amazingly relaxed-sounding Grindgore excursion. Also, this must be the first time I hear a Grindcore version of Venoms "Black Metal". Exegotor has decided to treat this classic song with pretty rough hands, adding some whirlwind speed and a bucketful of rusty nails. Sounds dangerous? You bet it does. Embassy of Hell is a very solid Grindcore release all in all, so if you like the genre, you may want to check this album out too.

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