GRACE DISGRACED "Enthrallment Traced"

Smashing through the barriers of the Russian Federation fortress is Technical Death Metallers Grace Disgraced and their emphatic debut album 'Enthrallment Traced', featuring vocals so harsh that it makes raw vodka seem like purified water and the music provided a sense of brutal power. Beat after beat, the quartet immerse the listener in tight time signatures and complex drummers whilst the vocals deliver guttural sounds so immense it's contagious. If this were to be an army, Europe is f*cked, the immense power delivered on this album is far more explosive than any atomic explosion and is sure to leave the album in the position to finish of the listener, who will be left for dead, simply slaughter music.

GRACE DISGRACED "The Primal Cause: Womanumental"

Russian Death Metal act Grace Disgraced has been around for 10 years and released two full-length studio albums, their second, The Primal Cause: Womanumental, at the end of April, 2014. This female-fronted (Polina Berezko handles the vocals) act takes their Death Metal seriously. This is pretty advanced-sounding Death Metal with a lot of technical finesse squeezed into the songs, reminding more than a little of Death's high-caliber classics Human and Individual Thought Patterns. There are a number of elements within Grace Disgraced's songs that hearken back to the days when Chuck and co. were experimenting more with Death Metal. At times, Polina emulates Chuck's vocal performance on Death's last album, 1998's The Sound of Perseverance, with her rasps, nasty shrieks and growls. Alexandr's guitar parts are demanding and are adventurously experimental and crispy, adding a striking spectrum of sound to The Primal Cause: Womanumental and keeping things interesting for the technical Death Metal fans. I wouldn't call Grace Disgraced's songwriting that innovative as this kind of stuff has been done before (and better; you really cannot beat Chuck's Death at this, can you?), but I am positive technical Death Metal fans will appreciate what this Russian 4-piece act has accomplished on their second album. My only critique would be the length of the songs. They vary from over six minutes to nearly eight and could be a bit shorter but that's just nitpicking an album that is very enjoyable.

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