A highly productive Russian Black Metal duo, Moongates Guardian has already released three full-length studio albums, and a great bunch of singles and EPs despite the band forming just about two years ago. Makes you think almost right away whether they put quantity over quality, right? Eternal Legend, as the title of the bands debut album goes, was originally released digitally by the band in May 2014. Later on, More Hate Productions took the opportunity to re-release it with three bonus tracks that appeared on the bands only digitally released single, Lament for Gandalf. Yes, this Russian duo is obsessed by The Lord of the Rings trilogy; so much so that they decided to make sort of a Black Metal-infested soundtrack out of the concept. In a way, they have managed to create a good, soundtrack-ish feel to their epic Black Metal, but then, on the other hand, you may easily also get a bit annoyed that there should be more music instead of all kinds of sampled elements being thrown around. To their credit, Skilar Blackwings (who has performed and sampled all the instruments on the album) has a very good vision of how to make a well-made, pompous and epic sounding soundtrack. He should perhaps use his skills for the movie industry as well, and become just sick-rich. Eternal Legend, representing an ambitious effort to create a Black Metal-flavored theme around The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is only a partly successful attempt at being an impressive record. It gives a good try at achieving some great things, but unfortunately never fully hits its goal perfectly, other than proving Skilars skills as a skilled soundtrack composer.

MOONGATES GUARDIAN "Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded!"

This is Russian duo from Kaliningrad/ Russia and this album is based on original poetry of J.R.R Tolkien. Also, the band used some movie fragments in songs from Peter Jacksons original trilogies if you like this kind of film-music connection. Alexey who is responsible for all vocals on the album tries to recite Tolkiens poetry sort of but I do not think it turned out that good. This type of literature needs specific set of skills, like declamation and just fluent English to fully enjoy magic of words. If you do not have it, you are going to trash poetry, likely. Except those spoken, unfortunate fragments, all Alexeys black metal vocals are much better performed to the music. This is epic, monumental metal album. Moongates Guardian, unlike other one or two man bands, chose a studio for recording this album and it pays off. All instrumental work has been done by one person with a name Skilar. Even, knowing that they did not work with real orchestra all songs sound like they do. Percussion and drums have that classical music feeling into it and orchestrations are as powerful as metal elements. I am under strong impression that so much goods songs like The Dragon Is Withered, The Wind Was On The Withered Heath, Tom Bombadil can be done so great by just two persons. The Lord Of The Rings cover of Blind Guardian even if sounds differently, it is pretty well done and fits to sound of this particular album. I would say that guitars are more melodic death metal but music altogether with symphonic/ classical elements is just epic and black metal which also are vocals. From start to the end it is easy to keep track to their music because they build up interest for you and to the band, through fantasy of songs and atmosphere. If I had a horn I would blow into it and tell you that this band will be a constant surprise in good meaning.

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