MISTWEAVER Nocturnal Bloodshed


Spanish melodic Death Metal institution Mistweaver started out back in 1997 and has released five full-length studio albums since then. Their latest effort, Nocturnal Bloodshed, was originally released on Russian Satanath Records in 2014 and has also been co-released again by Russian More Hate Productions and Ukrainian Envenomed Music. Metal music knows no boundaries and connects people from all over the world. Nocturnal Bloodshed is a strong release from these Death Metal maestros. It is a powerful display of well-crafted Death Metal that can be surprisingly melodic, brutal and atmospheric and even symphonic all at the same time. One can hear influences from Dissection as well as Bolt Thrower but the bottom line is Mistweaver have put a lot of effort into their songs in order to come up with an album full of musical quality that will undoubtedly please many extreme Metal fans out there. Mistweaver have not tried to reinvent the wheel but just used some of the tastiest and catchiest ingredients that will make you return to this captivating and powerful album over and over again. Whether Nocturnal Bloodshed will ever raise Mistweaver to the big league of extreme Metal bands remains to be seen. However, if you are in a need of melodic, top-quality blackened Death Metal, here is a very good example and should inspire you follow Mistweaver and their future projects as well. Strongly recommended.

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