I thought this was going to be a generic copy of Cannibal Corpse and I was wrong about that. This band plays a more controlled form of death metal that has slower, not doomy, crunchy parts that are heavy as fuck along with some deep, but not too deep death metal vocals. The music is not half bad and the singer actually is good and solid and you can feel that in his vocals as he sings. To sum this up I would say this is straight forward brutal death metal that gets the job done.


Making music together since 2010 these Finnish Death Metal warriors finally found a home to release their first full length album. After a demo and an EP Feast of Maggots has been released by Russian underground label More Hate Productions. Hailing from Scandinavia potential listeners probably have certain expectations before checking out the music. For the most part those will be fulfilled as Spiritual Holocaust present a slab of very traditional Old School Death Metal making good use of the famous HM2 pedal while also taking a few inspirations from their US colleagues. However, there are a few elements setting the band apart from their peers. While most riffs might sound pretty familiar I detected some interesting details in subsequent listening sessions. Most of the tracks have a main riff to which the band keeps returning throughout the song but not without throwing in variations of said riff. This leads to the effect that the songs sound pretty simple in the first place but do not get boring too fast. The two guitarists are combining the buzz-sawing rhythm guitars with some great soloing which never gets too technical or too long to annoy the listener. Those solos range from fast and melodic to melancholic and slightly disturbing. This leads to a dark and moody atmosphere over the whole playing time. Most of the tracks are kept in mid-tempo with selective outbursts of speed and some slow and frightening parts dripping out of the speakers. All instruments are played on a high level without sounding too technical. Singer Tomi Vähäkangas is roaring like an angry cave troll. His deep and brutal tone adds to the intense experience that is Feast of Maggots. Nevertheless the lyrics can be perfectly understood for the most part of the record. The production is amazing keeping the sound filthy and putrid but giving the instruments enough punch without sounding too modern. The drums have a very natural tone compared to the synthetic sound that can be found on quite a lot of albums these days. The Scandinavian origin of this record is obvious but compared to their Swedish counterparts the music is a bit darker and maybe not as catchy. Overall this is a nice piece of Old School Death Metal that should please every fan of this sound.


First album from Spiritual Holocaust is an old school death metal from Finland. A bit throwback to distant and glorious times of Scandinavian sound. This record was recorded in many places in Finland from 2014 until 2017, so not in Sunlight studio.... However, the band takes a course to this type of sound that just has more careless and dirty production to it. I am a big fan of Swedish sounding albums which reminds me of how good death metal music is with such studio production. Following the fact, the band like Spiritual Holocaust has a bigger chance to success in my personal ranking of good bands. I have to warn you however that Feast of Maggots does not sound as good as Entombed or Carnage for sure. Their death metal songs have pure death metal vibe that I certainly like and never get tired of, but production wise, they are not that close to Left Hand Path or Like An Everflowing Stream releases. Musically - on the other hand, the band is much more like them. Feast Of Maggots has heavy and massively death metal riffs that reminds me of Dismember pretty much. The guitar rhythmic and shreds that go along are pushing them on, a bit further, from being too much one-dimensional, in terms of music direction. To my convenience, they try every track not being composed the same way, which is fine diversity to their very traditional, old school death metal approach. There are few moments where they put some melodies in songs but the album has a darker edge to music and lyrics overall. They play faster few times, even with blast beats but those tempos are reduced to necessary minimum which is good, because it is not this type of band that would play very fast in long distance and do it better than other bands already do. Playing slow and/or in medium pace is much more their thing to do, which sounds heavier, and I prefer it much more. The vocals frequencies are growl leveled and performed in very traditional way, same as music itself. Actually it is what I would expect from them and good death metal band as they are. They reached out solid vocal depths and brutality which they give it to you throughout the album, without any soft spots. Foremost, it is really fucking brutal piece of obscure death metal that Spiritual Holocaust emphasizes by music in this album. They try to find its own, natural music flow, but without even attempting to sound and play very original. I like this way of thinking - do what you do best and if you are honest to yourself, people shall appreciate it. If not, they can always fuck off. I am cruelly happy to recommend another good death metal album for you, which for me is Feast of Maggots by the band Spiritual Holocaust from Finland.

SPIRITUAL HOLOCAUST "Echoes of the Apocalypse"

You know, I do not think I have seen an album title reflect the year it was made better than this one. Echoes of the Apocalypse is the second album from Finnish group Spiritual Holocaust, who unsurprisingly have a kick of that murky Finnish Death Metal sound mixed in with their otherwise Swedish sounding Death Metal. You get the downtuned, buzzsaw riffing, the infamous Sunlight Studio sound, and enough abuse of the Boss HM-2 distortion pedal to remind you of the glory days when bands like Carnage and Entombed ruled the underground. True, this does not do anything particularly new or mind-blowing, but it is a solid example of a well-trodden sound that has just enough novelty and brutality to stand out in a scene clogged with mediocre imitators. If you can not get enough of the Swedish sound, this is worth checking out.

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