NEFAS TERRA "Life in Darkness"

More hate shall be spread and spared. The Russian 2-man Black Metal unit enters in with all the black flags flying high, such slogans as "no politics, no church... fuck you all" having printed all over them. So, the message from their side is pretty darn clear, is not it dear folks? The bands 6-song EP, "Life in Darkness", is actually a surprisingly well crafted effort of the Swedish style of melodic and aggressive Black Metal, getting quite close to similar Black Metal styles that one can trace down on some Swedish SETHERIALs or ALLEGIANCEs past releases. Both Chad and Klem of NEFAS TERRA, have proved their songwriting pencils have been sharp enough when they have composed the songs for this 6-track opus. They, as a hard-working duo, have managed to create some wicked and dark atmospheres within their strongly riff-based songs that have many other cool things being wrapped around them, too. The only thing that bugs me quite a bit on this EP, is the programmed drums because they tend to make some parts to sound a bit too mechanical, or simply said just too robotic. I think it is not too far-stretched to say either that with a real human drummer in their ranks, the final result of this promising EP would certainly have been quite a lot better, I believe. But still, for the fans of Swedish style of Black Metal, NEFAS TERRA is worth checking out.

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