Russian trio, Mental Illness, is a new band on the map of extreme Metal. The band was formed in 2014, and have already recorded one full-length album, titled Revelation (actually they use their mother language on the album title, as all of their songs are sung in Russian too). Mental Illness plays a mixture of occasionally keyboard-ridden Black and Death Metal, in which they employ many pretty simple elements as well as they can to make it sound as rich and as enjoyable as possible. The use of catchy and well-flowing melodies within their songs is definitely one of their best assets, while somewhat simple song structures seem to work surprisingly well for them whenever there is the main emphasis on those striking melodies that seem to carry the songs on more favorable waters. A certain simplicity and straightforwardness, keeping things on the ground level of Black and Death Metal, is an important part of Mental Illnesss musical stratagem, no doubt. They could have shortened some of their songs, or just left one or two out of this album, to achieve a more optimal length for their debut. 52 minutes of this stuff makes the album a bit tedious towards the end. Still a relatively promising debut.

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