MOULDERED "Chronology Of A Rotten Mind"

Are you into slamming Death Metal? Well, I really hope so, cause the following nearly 21 minutes long material has an adequate portion of slam and groove elements incorporated. And to my surprise this fine gore-filled kickshaw comes from Colombia. 2013 marks the birth of this 5-piece Death Metal horde and before this actual release the band managed to record a 3-song demo in 2016. Those demo tracks were successfully adapted and featured on "Chronology of a Rotten Mind" plus expanded with 5 newer tunes. At first sight their songs sound pretty much like a slowed down CANNIBAL CORPSE stuff, but with more groove and DYING FETUS-like slam parts. But after a few listens one can easily notice we have something more going on there. Just listen to those tricky bass lines for example. Really masterful execution and all the guitar solos are also worth ones to listen to. Then we have a bunch of ultra heavy razing-like riffs accompanied by extremely sick growls. MOULDEREDs debut album is all the way about the old-school times and interpretation of Death Metal. You wont find there any widely and/or commonly used modern garbage elements of the 21st century. It is definitely about gloominess not fanciness. So watch out! The overall sound production is fat and massive the way it should be. Really recommended stuff, moreover it comes with the right cover artwork! This CD was released by a cooperation of 3 underground labels, thus you have multiple options to order it.

MOULDERED "Chronology Of A Rotten Mind"

As this is a pretty short album I will also keep my review similarly short. Normally I am more a fan of Old School Death Metal and not so much of Brutal Death Metal but as Chronology of a Rotten Mind is something like a hybrid of those genres I gave it a shot. Overall I have to say there is a lot to like here. Those guys from Colombia sound a bit like slightly slowed down Cannibal Corpse or more streamlined Cryptopsy to me. This does not mean that this album is not fast in places not at all. There are a lot of high speed sections with blast-beat attacks where the listener feels like getting overrun by a bulldozer. However, there are also a lot of passages where the music is crawling and creeping out of the speakers not faster than the zombies in TWD. Mouldered somehow managed to create a sound that distinguishes them a bit from other bands. For example they excessively use the bass sometimes and also the guitars have a very individual tone. With the fuzziness and sometimes dramatic sections Mouldered have created a lot of tension and dark and brooding atmosphere. The vocals underline this impression as they are monstrous and totally evil sounding like some ancient demon has been upset and is now roaring in anger. The production is surprisingly great finding a good mixture of providing the instruments with the pounding sound needed for this musical concept but also give them room to breathe. Not seldom such kind of brutal music gets drowned in a much too filthy sound production. I have been talking about the album being quite short and with only 20 minutes of music I guess you will agree it is. On the one hand this is not really what I would call value for the money as the album is sold as full length. However, Mouldered knew exactly that they had written enough quality material for just this length and did choose not to add any filler material. This is something I can respect as I am of course also of the opinion quality over quantity. With maybe 1 or 2 more songs I would probably give them an even higher rating the next time.

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