DER GERWELT "Human Breed"

Wow! DER GERWELT (nope, no idea what the name means) storms through the speakers like a pack of wolves ripping open their latest kill in a frenzied rage. Like the blood on the snow and the stench of death spreading through the cold, bleak woods this band oozes into the subconscious with primitive attraction. After the beautiful and atmospheric "Intro" "A Shred Of Me I Cannot Reach" (great title by the way) blasts my head with some melodic and so very grim Black Metal. Buzzing guitars and the drums are but a near indecipherable wall of noise. Great melodies and even some nice Heavy Metal riffs that bring CARCASS' "Go To Hell" to my mind. The vocals are truly haunting. No demonic screaming but a very deep and raspy voice of Alex Duke that is not so much singing as it is spoken. They're great nevertheless. "Newborn World As We Know It" is another good example of DER GERWELT's sound. A great Black Metal track with some Heavy Metal influences and very atmospheric guitars. Speaking of atmospheric there's no keyboards in DER GERWELT's music. The great atmospheres are solely created with the guitars and Alex's voice.

Atmospheric. Grim. Haunting. Raw. All of those adjectives fit DER GERWELT. Great Black Metal which somehow manages to incorporate some Heavy Metal in it too. The sound is quite unheard of indeed. The closest band references could be drawn to Norway's early BM scene with MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE in the lead, but still those comparisons would miss DER GERWELT by a long shot. DER GERWELT might not be as grim as 'em, for that their music is too Rock (?!). In any case this is some of the rare Black Metal that you can actually mosh to. In a sense this could be called the first step to becoming Black'n'Roll (just like ENTOMBED and CARCASS created Death'n'Roll). Yet labelling DER GERWELT to one style alone wouldn't do them justice. There are a lot of elements from Melodic Black to Traditional BM and all the way to Heavy Metal and even Rock. And unlike some might think they mix all of those really well together creating a rather unique Black Metal album. Simply put you got to hear it for yourself to believe. Strongly recommended to anyone who isn't put off by the aforementioned description and those who want to try out some out of the ordinary (Black) Metal that'll get your head spinning.

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